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Striker Fox Valley Testimonials

By Alyssa Feulner, 04/11/19, 9:00AM CDT


Strikers Fox Valley is celebrating 30 Years in the Fox Valley and we are proud to be your soccer club and family. If you are interested in learning more about Strikers or thinking about joining our club, take it from those that know it best! Below you will see a serious of testimonials from former players, current players, parents, families and coaches. We are proud to be so influential in the lives of so many in the area and will continue striving to be the BEST soccer club in the Fox Valley. 

Janel Fouch (Schmitt)

Janel Fouch (Schmitt) started playing for Strikers when she was 8 years old. She also played for Geneva High School Girls Soccer and then at Olivet Nazarene University. Janel then continued her career for four years playing for the Charlotte Lady Eagles.

"Strikers was more than just a soccer club to me. The team I was on was more like family. I had a great experience with this club. Not only did it shape me into a great soccer player but it also taught me about hard work, friendship and drive!"

Janel encourages anyone thinking about trying out for Strikers this May to take that leap of faith. She couldn't imagine what her life would have been like without the friends and family she made during her time with the club!

-Janel Fouch (schmitt) 1997-2007

Kelsey Balch (White)

"Not everyone goes on to play soccer in college or their adult life. Not everyone makes soccer their "whole world". However, that does not change the fact that playing for my Strikers travelling team for 11 or so years did not have a complete and absolute ripple effect on the rest of my life... in an absolutely positive way.  I have friendships from my Strikers team that have outlasted any other friendship I have ever had. I learned how to be part of a team which taught me how to compromise, how to push myself mentally and physically, how to engage and communicate with others, how to celebrate the wins in life, and how to move forward after a loss.  It also taught me how to handle constructive criticism, how to look inward, and how to strive to be better. The amount of memories I have from these days will forever live on in my mind, and will always bring a smile to my face. I have nothing but gratitude that I was able to take part in something so special." 

- Kelsey Balch (white) 1998-2007

Trevor Bauer

"I joined Strikers when I was 15. Later than most, but it was the competitive outlet that taught me the game of soccer and shaped me for the player I became. Strikers was always more than just a team I played on. It was a family. I am still friends with the guys I played with. I loved the club for what it did for me."

"Playing for Strikers is what made me want to become a coach. I have been coaching now at Strikers for 8 years. The philosophy and the family environment that they have successfully created, is one that I have not experienced anywhere else."

-Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer played with Strikers from U15 - U23. He also played at Sycamore High School and then went on to play for Aurora University Athletics.

Mo Brady (Smunt)

I switched clubs from Campton United to Strikers Fox Valley S.C. starting in 7th grade. It was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Socially, my strikers team was and still is my family. I have been to six Strikers weddings in the past few years and was a bridesmaid in three of them. Our friendships were so strong because we played together for 6+ years.

Mr. Feulner and the other coaches that coached me are like fathers to me. They have taught me some unforgettable life lessons. They aided me in developing leadership skills and positive values that helped me be so successful on and off the soccer field.

Athletically, Strikers Fox Valley offered advance soccer trainings that challenged me physically and mentally to constantly be the best player that I could be. I give so much credit for my athletic success to Strikers and the coaches that helped me throughout my high school, college, and professional soccer careers.

To name a few of my successes, I was an All-State defender in High School at St. Charles East where I started and played every single varsity game for four years. I went on to get a full ride scholarship to play at Northern Illinois University where I was a two-time captain and was named to the 1st team ALL-MAC teams for athletics and academics.  I played Semi- professional soccer for 3 W-league teams, played on the Chicago Red Stars reserves and played professionally overseas in Australia.

It was a very proud moment for me when Mr. Feulner asked me to come back and coach for the club that I loved playing for.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the club that gave so much to me. Although I take coaching very seriously, I have a full-time job and don’t coach for the money.  I coach in my free time, on nights and weekends because I love the game and because I want to be a positive role model and mentor for young female soccer players. I enjoy motivating my players and try to instill the values and principles that strikers have taught me.

The current coaches at the club are dedicated, passionate, and truly care about the development of their players personally and athletically. There is a reason why we don’t have a lot of coaching turnovers and it has to do with the loyalty of the coaches and the environment that Strikers Fox Valley Soccer Club has created over the past 30 years.